Digital Spark

DigitalSpark™ drive sales

Reinventing the way how brands manage sales and reward retail teams performance by using process driven innovation in order to boost revenue and increase profit margin.  Incentive management platform for retail employees.

DigitalSpark™ – an innovative digital touchpoint between brands and retail which converts each frontline employee into your own merchandiser!

Fully-automated sales incentives and filed-marketing campaign toolkit!

Learn more how to boost sales 🚀

Learn more how to boost sales 🚀

Platforma za razvoj prodajnih timova i unapređenje prodaje

A fundamentally different approach to sales incentive programs taking full advantage of digital innovations. Mobile app intended for sales teams aiming to broaden the knowledge, track individual progress, and develop sales skills with 100% measurable results.

Field marketing toolkit

Fully-automated sales incentives and filed-marketing campaign toolkit!

We can help brands, retailers and distributors to:

  • Improve sales revenue up to 48% and profit margin by 22%;
  • Track sales in real-time with 100% measurable results and optimize stock;
  • Build strong relationships with frontline employees through fully automated incentive-based reward programs;
  • Effortlessly train frontline employees to know everything about products and increase sell-out;
  • Measure ROI on rewards program;
  • Eliminate the hassle of facilitating an incentive program while keeping your employees happy with reward wallet.

Automate busy work

Incentivizing the retail employees that sell your products is the most powerful way to drive sales. Launch impactful field marketing campaign with 100% measurable results and track sales in real time. Motivate frontline employees to build sales skills and have your own sales representative at each store unit.

Automate the busy work:

  • Measure individual or team performance;
  • Instant incentive payouts;
  • Track detailed campaign analytics;
  • Highest level of personal data protection;

Automate incentive management

Sales incentives are an excellent way to motivate your employees, improve their performance, increase retention, and improve product knowledge. Retail companies use DigitalSpark™ to manage, track, engage and incentivize their own employees. Start using DigitalSpark™platform for vendor-sponsored reward programs and create new revenue stream for your organization.

We provide them with the most profitable field
marketing campaign. Incentivizing the in-store
sales teams is the single most impactful way  to
drive sales

Frontline employees are the revenue engine,
regardless of the situation – an order-average
contest, a team-wide sales goal or a commission
on a new product line.

Fully-automated sales incentives and
effortless vendor-sponsored reward programs