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A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers

After you analyze the demo on your Android or iOS device, our team of experts will analyze your company’s needs and create an initial concept of the project.

It takes up to two weeks to generate a personalized application with customized functions according to the type of your business.

Yes, any type of adjustment that suits your brand is possible.

Yes, we can integrate a knowledge database that a company already has.

Yes, there is an unlimited number of trainings which can be added to the app.

No, the project works independently utilizing a cloud platform with a capacity to process tens of thousands of users simultaneously.

Yes, in cooperation with our team of engineers we can integrate the app into your company’s online store.

No, the number of users per company is not limited.

Points are gained by recording a sale of your product or service in our application.

The value of a product or a service is set by our administrator in real-time.

No, you can record any sale in the app, and the newly acquired points will be stored and visible on your Profile.

The current number of points may be tracked solely within the app, in the Profile section.

The list of available gifts is maintained by the company, and a user can find out about them in the app, under category “Online Store”.

After any recorded sale, the current number of points will automatically be updated on your Profile.

A gift may be ordered once you gather a sufficient number of points through recorded sales.

A gift will reach your workplace within 7 days upon ordering.

The gifts are delivered to your workplace by a courier company, to the sales outlet you have designated during your signup procedure. When accepting the delivery, you need to show a valid ID.

Of course, in your Profile go to Settings and change your position.

On your profile go to Settings and change your sales outlet.